With a believe that "None of us alone can do what all of us together can do", Peace Foundation aims at building a social movement, where every ordinary individual in society can take part in "Making of 21st Century". We are not just an organization, we are an ecosystem that invites and enables people from all parts of the world to take part in creating kind of world we wish to live in. We work towards creating an atmosphere that nurtures hope within every ordinary individual to join hands according to their ability and availability. Our focus is on bringing all scattered energy together and collectively transforming it into a non-violent and effective force to change the world for better.


To realize our aim, there is also need of contributors who commit themselves to vision of Peace Foundation and contribute on regular basis. In interest of smooth functioning, effective coordination and better management to achieve our goals, we have distributed roles and responsibility among few committed individuals (mentioned below). And goes without saying, the long list of contributors reaches to every single volunteer, member, supporter and well wisher of Peace Foundation. 




Dr. Jyoti Tyagi

Research and Publications


Dr. Jyoti strengthens Peace Foundation's vision with her rich academic experience and research expertise. Dr. Jyoti Tyagi is senior research fellow at PRIASA (Policy Research Institute of African Studies Association of India) and is also Associate Editor of Diaspora Studies Journal. Jyoti has PhD in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Her research interests are Diaspora, Peace and Conflict, Migration, and African Politics.

David Straub

Media Management


David is one of the board members at Peace Foundation. David's responsibility cover areas including Media & Publicity, Communication strategy and Outreach programs of Peace Foundation. David has academic training in International Relations and Media, David brings rich experience within media and communication domain. With his extensive experience in media & journalism, David successfully leads media projects at Peace Foundation. David is presently leading project of short documentary film called "White Widow".

Thorsten Klaus

Financial Management


Thorsten strengthens Peace Foundation with his experience in financial field. Having trained in Economics and Accounting, Thorsten has earned experience with both commercial and non for profit sector organizations in financial coordination and management. Thorsten looks after end to end financial and economic aspect of Peace Foundation. 

Sven  Soederberg

Administrative Management


Sven is one of the board members of Peace Foundation.  He brings his knowledge and experience in administration and official work for organization with various departments. With long working experience in non-profit organization, Sven is well equipped with skills and knowledge for administrative work, official obligations and relation with different public and private departments and organizations. 

Amit Tyagi

Executive Director


Amit is responsible to take forward vision of Peace Foundation. He looks after overall functioning of organization. His responsibilities includes Organizational Development, Planning & Strategy, Project Management, Financial Management and Training. Amit holds Master degree in Public Policy. Having worked in various capacities ranging from Corporate Management, Professional Training, Social Work & Developmental Sector to Political assignments.