The inception of peace foundation was with a vision to bring individuals together from different parts of the world to work together for common goals. Initially, we were a group of students. Later, more people joined our vision, work and movement. Now, we are a growing global community of people from different social, cultural, academic and professional backgrounds in different parts of the world.



In 2015, concern about Food Waste and its impact on Global Peace attracted attention of a student group in University of Erfurt, Germany. As time passed, deeper understanding about peace and various threats to peace evolved within group which laid foundation of Peace Movement aiming to work on various problems ranging from Environmental Sustainability, Economic Equality, Social Inclusion and Social Justice. As a result,  Peace Foundation e.V. was formally founded in 2017.




The challenge before us in 21st century is not that we don't have good ideas, we have enough resources, we have smart technological solutions, there are many concern individuals, there are large number of initiatives trying to change the world for better, the plight of 21st century is that we are divided more then ever before.


If we want to confront challenges like Climate Change, Gender Inequality, Growing Wealth Inequality, Drinking Water crisis, protecting & strengthening Democratic values, Social Exclusion and Isolation, Social Inequalities, emergence of Identity politics, rise of irrational Nationalism, and if we want to create a world with equal respect for everyone, we need to find common grounds with other individuals/initiatives, keep aside our differences and come together for common goals.


Lets be part of "Making of 21st Century" and create the kind of world we want to live in. Join our vision for 21st Century, shifting focus from Profit to Peace and Wealth to Well-being.  



Work towards reducing threat to human extinction emerging from environmental and economical issues. We envision overall well-being for every individual, a world where every individual can live in peace and harmony.



Working towards contributing to a world where no one is starving from hunger, exploited for their economic situations, not discriminated on the basis of their identities (gender, creed, caste, social group, nationalities etc. A world of respect and dignity for everyone.



Peace is not a destination, peace itself is the path. There is no state where an individual or a society attains peace all of a sudden, peace is outcome of an environment of safety and security within individual mind and in society.



We believe in the philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” The phrase Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (Sanskrit: वसुधैव कुटुमबकम्) consists of several words: "vasudhā", the earth; "ēva" = indeed; and "kutumbakam", family. “The world is one family”



If peace is absence of violence, it is not possible to work towards more peaceful world by using violence as instrument of achieving peace. Therefore, non violence becomes inseparable and essential element of our work. We understand Peace as absence of any forms of violence. Our methods of pursuing change and designing actions are based on pure non violent methods inspired by leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.. Violence in any form starting from psychological (anger & hate) to verbal and physical violence is not part of our work.



Life Model: A road-map to nurture true potential within Individuals to lead a peaceful life and change the world by changing self. We call our working model as “LIFE: Liberation Inside Four Es” The Four Es stand for Education, Ethics, Environment and Economics, its an integrated approach as we believe that liberation of all beings encircled within four fundamental components of life. We use an approach that combines challenges pertaining to all four Es and brings an integrated and inclusive solution with the aim to have peace in the society. We work with an objective to achieve overall well-being, inclusive growth, peaceful coexistence and sustainable living by understanding self, and reflecting upon individual actions and their impact of self and others to address various issues like various challenges. 





Are you ready to go extra mile?


Internship at Peace Foundation is great opportunity gain insight into most complex challenges our world is facing. During internship, candidate will be integrated into the team from very first day, and will be able to experience what it means to work with a "Change Project" and to define tomorrow’s world. We invite you to make use of these opportunities and share your knowledge and experience. We strongly believe in cohesion across all hierarchical levels and teamwork. 


Peace Foundation is always for self started talented individuals who share our vision and are willing to be part of changing the world for better.


Internship Social Media Campaign Management 

Internship Human Resources 

Internship Public Relation & Fundraising 

Internship Developmental Economist 

Internship Agricultural Economist 

Internship Administrative Management 

Internship Project Assistant 

Internship Documentary & Film Production


If none of the above internship opportunities matches your interest and profile? We request you to please send your application to peacefoundation@posteo.de and we’ll try our best to find a suitable position for you!

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