Pilot Phase Target Group 

“There is no single society where we’ve achieved equality between men and women, and so this pandemic is being layered on top of existing inequalities, and it’s exacerbating those inequalities,”  Nahla Valji, the UN’s senior gender adviser to the executive office of the secretary general
 Worst affected are the women in region and widows of the farmers who have committed suicide during India’s ongoing agrarian crisis. India’s lockdown amid coronavirus has already started to hit women in rural areas the hardest. Amongst the worst to be affected by the pandemic are women. Coronavirus worsens inequalities for women, warns the United Nation. ‘Limited gains made in the past decades’ toward gender equality ‘are at risk of being rolled back’, the UN policy brief said.








Workshop Serious on Global Risk Report 20 & Climate Change

(29 Feb,20 - 21 Dec. 20)



ASRKARI Satyagraha for Non Violent and Sustainable Economy

(March, 2020)

Workshop Series on Fake News & Media literacy, Germany 

(April, 20 - Dec 20)



Gather Together Movement 

India & Germany

(Starting March, 2020)


Starting Center for Peaceful Coexistence Vidarbha, India 

(July 2020 onwards)







Gather Together Workshop 

Innsbruck, Austria

(26th May, 2019)

IFOR Annual Conference, Duderstadt, Germany 

(30 May to 2 June 2019)



Gather Together Workshop 

Erfurt, Germany

(15-16 June, 2019)


Vidarbha Satyagraha Wardha, Maharashtra, India 

(Aug - Dec. 2019)






Self to Society (Solution from within: An inward out approach): Our approach is to understand self and start to find solutions from within, and answers of questions from inside out. With an understanding that every individual at some level and in some way is impacted by and at the same time contributing to problems pertaining to all four fundamentals (Four Es – Education, Ethics, Environment & Economics).  We believe that we all collectively create the world we live in and many challenges that humanity is facing today are nothing but collective manifestation of our individual actions.


Therefore every individual has power to change the world. Thus, our approach focuses  on working on individual at the same time, working on social/political level as well. Beginning with self awareness – understanding self and contributing in positive impact merely by changing self & Individual actions, followed by taking active part in various projects developed by Peace Foundation to solve other problems.