ASRKARI Satyagraha is a step towards non-violent and sustainable economy in post Covid-10 world with Gandhian philosophy, an initiative against extreme poverty, modern slavery, concentration of wealth and climate degradation due to violent economic ways and thinking. 






• Creating Capability: The program aims at offering opportunity for a sustainable livelihood development through skill development for women and youth, especially from rural areas, to participate in our movement. 

•  Entrepreneurship Development through Regular Training: Recognizing importance of entrepreneurship in today’s economic world, the trainings are conducted to set up and smoothly run small businesses by the program participants.

• Understanding Economics & Market: A basic macro-economic training will ensure that each and every participant will be empowered and is able to become self-dependent.

• Financial Transparency and Market Decentralization: We are putting new systems in place for financial transparency and market decentralization for the participants of The Asrkari Satyagraha Program. It shall enable the participants of the program to connect directly with the customers to reduce middlemen and increase the income of the participants working on ground.  

• Performance Management as a basis for sustainable progression: We are putting new systems in place to recognize the performance of the participants. The new process will ensure that the participants are identified for further training to ensure that they benefit from the program.


• Bringing Asrkari Satyagrah Forward: Since the entire program runs with volunteers to support people in need purely with sense of solidarity, participants and beneficiary of program are expected to bring the movement forward, creating awareness and sharing acquired knowledge in their surroundings.

• Promote Local and Sustainable consumption: The program focuses on the development of local economic, participants are educated about the benefits of promoting local & sustainable economy and are expected to consume products made locally to support local small scale economic activities.





The vision of the program „Frauen für Frieden“ is to have women at forefront of building a peaceful society. Equality is prerequisite for having peace in any society, we envision to have a gender equal society where women, not only have equal participation but also are contributing equally in making world a peaceful place for everyone to live in peace and harmony. We believe that women’s point of view is essential to building progressive and peaceful societies.  





 The project addresses the psychosocial and social needs of women who come to Germany from conflict areas such as Afghanistan. One of the goals is the successful integration of women into the various aspects of life in Germany. Conflicts often leave long-term trauma, especially for women. Whether directly or indirectly, women are a particularly vulnerable group in wars and conflict zones. Our project offers a new approach to the integration of migrant women into German society. Through various activities within the project, the integration and participation in social life of the women is promoted and their needs, such as stress reduction, are addressed:





Gather Together is an outreach program, including people and different initiatives to take part in solving local/global problems. 


This projects aims at bringing various small actions (individual or small organizations) together to amplify impact and convert it into a united powerful force. Coming together itself empowers society and strengthens action towards various serious challenges we face in 21st century. Under this program, we reach out to various individual and organization to explore possibilities to work together for common goals. 


We realize our work in two phases, in first phase, we work on developing Peace Makers and in second phase Peace Makers start projects on various issues threatening peace in their locality. We invite participants to Peace Workshop and conduct a five day residential (in some exceptional cases, non residential workshop. Objective of Peace Workshop is to nurture potential in active change makers. The workshop is divided into two parts, first part focuses on theoretical understanding and second part aims at practical aspects and project development. Last one day is dedicated to non violent methods of change, participants are equipped with philosophy, concepts, history and relevance of non violence struggle in 21st century. Peace workshop touches various aspects like self awareness, way to peace within, nurturing non violent thoughts, non violent communication, non violence Acton as instrument for change. In the end, participants develop an Acton plan based on understanding developed and knowledge gained during the workshop with non violent methods to carry forward change in their local community. These projects are closely mentored by Peace Foundation e.V. team for further consultation and support participants might need.






Women make almost half of world's population, however, women have been deprived of adequate representation in various fields of life. We, at Peace Foundation, believe that without adequate representation and participation of almost half human population, it is not possible to progress and change the world for better.

Aim of Project: With specific focus on Gender equality in all our work, we ensure that our projects work towards making world a more gender equal place. We integrate three steps approach in our actions to achieve this aim.




We ensure adequate representation of women in Peace Foundation's work to bring women on equal status at all stages in our projects to achiever gender equality. Representation ensures participation of women in different areas and solves various challenges regarding gender inequality. Not only equal and adequate participation, Peace Foundation is also committed to develop programs to develop women for Leadership roles in various fields.